Linda Bujoli

(Saint-Brieuc, 1972)
Lives and works in Paris

Photographer and visual artist, Linda Bujoli studies light and its many variations. Through photography, she captures light’s broad range of effects to visually sculpt a body, a face or an object. She endeavors to construct aesthetic domains in which disciplines are combined to form a single, collective dimension. Driven by the desire to touch all five senses, Linda Bujoli conceived of and produced LAND ME, a multi-sensory work incorporating music, image and sculpture, in collaboration with the musical group AIR. This prior project, exhibited at Espace ArtStudioK, the Parcours Saint-Germain and Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, now finds its natural extension in the artist’s current work. Playing with the technical processes of the photographic apparatus, Linda Bujoli delivers pictorial intention that manifests itself through chromatic variations, visible vibrations, luminescent traces and evanescent impressions – resulting in a veritable “writing of light”. Having been invited by the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) to create a livre-objet commemorating Michel Drucker’s 50 years of television, Linda Bujoli now presents to you CALL TO LIGHT, an artistic display that showcases the very essence of photography.